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Maintained by Crosstown Arts

The Washington Area Music Association provides Uniform Product Codes (UPC) as a service for its members. The Uniform Code Council requires that you must be a current or pending WAMA member to receive a bar code from WAMA (you may submit bar code application with membership application). It is also required that there be a member statement on the package. A WAMA logo with the word MEMBER next to it qualifies as a member statement. The logo will be sent to you with your bar code.

WAMA charges a one-time processing fee of $30 to issue the bar code for one format (CD, cassette or vinyl). Additional formats are $10 each. If you order for both CD and cassette your total would be $40. WAMA will send you a camera-ready print of the bar code for your artwork. A computer graphic file on a CD is also available for $7.50. A graphic file can be sent as an attachment to email for $5.00. Turnaround time is usually within 10 business days. There are no rush orders, but we will be as quick as possible.

The applying artist must be a current or pending WAMA member
to receive a bar code.

(membership has a separate charge and application)
Click HERE for membership rates and application.

To order a bar code, please provide the following information:
If you would prefer to Fax or Mail your request click here.

Artist Name: (required)

Album Title: (required)

Record Co: (if applicable)

Release No.: (if applicable)

Check All formats that apply ($30 for one format, $10 for each additional):

CD     Cassette     Vinyl     Video

Other (Explain in "Comments" box below)

Multiple items may be chosen.

Mail bar code to:





Member Name: (required)

Membership Number: (if known)

Mail me a paper print of the bar code
Email Graphic File (add $5)
CD (add $7.50)
Multiple items may be chosen.

Email graphic file to:
(if applicable)
(One bar code format will be about a 1.5mb file. Some companies such as do not accept attachments that large)

I heard about WAMA bar codes from:

Credit card information (Visa or Mastercard):

Credit card no.:

Exp. date: (mm/yy)
C.V.V. Code: (Last 3 digits on signature line on back of card )

Name on card:


The applying artist must be a current or pending WAMA member to apply for a bar code (membership has a separate charge).
Click here for rates and to apply.

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